X-Lock 2.0

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Material: Stainless Steel/Brass
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LautieEDC New Arrival X-Lock 2.0, Fidget Slider, Spy Wars Series

About the X-Lock 2.0

  • The three-body structure enhanced the reliability of X-Lock 2.0, and 12 strong magnets formed a dense magnetic array to provide clear feedback for pushing and pulling.
  • The newly added Spy Wars nameplate makes X-Lock 2.0 look cooler than the old version, and it is also covered the magnet grooves to keep them away from dirt.
  • Delicate carving: All X-Lock 2.0 was well-carved by the advanced CNC lathe. The product has no rough surface and sharp corners, making it touch pretty comfortably.
  • Extended double-end design enhances its gripping feel and provides X-Lock 2.0 a better feedback for pushing and pulling than the old version.
  • Unique Lautie Spy Wars series style: as with other Lautie Spy Wars products, X-Lock 2.0 kept the Spy Wars series’s essential design language. That makes it unique and different from the common EDC products.

X-Lock 2.0


60.7mm x 20.2mm


Stainless Steel/Brass: 77 g
Zirconium/Stainless Steel: 68 g