About us

Welcome to GEEONE — a professional platform passionate about EDC (Every Day Carry) toys. As a leading EDC toy distributor based in China, our story began with the assembly of enthusiasts who share a deep passion for EDC toys.

The establishment of GEEONE stemmed from our profound insight into the market: EDC players have long faced a challenge, namely the scattered operation of various original EDC brands, making it difficult to resolve pre-sale inquiries and post-sale services on a single platform. Our goal is to provide EDC enthusiasts with a centralized, one-stop shopping experience.

Beginning in 2019, over the course of five years, we have not only become one of the largest EDC toy distributors in China, but more importantly, we have established a comprehensive service system. This includes a rich array of genuine brand agency authorizations, our own large-scale storage facilities, and a fast and efficient shipping process, as well as a passionate and professional after-sales service team. Our goal is to extend these high-quality services to EDC enthusiasts all around the globe.

At GEEONE, we are not just sellers, but active participants in the EDC community. Our team has deeply engaged in the development of numerous original brands, including but not limited to providing suggestions for product design, participating in prototype testing, and assisting in later-stage product promotion and photography. We firmly believe that our involvement brings more innovation and vitality to the EDC community.

Lastly, we hereby solemnly promise: we will resolutely protect the original design atmosphere of the EDC community. We have zero tolerance for any form of counterfeiting. We refuse to sell any counterfeit products, ensuring that our customers enjoy the most pure and creative EDC products. At GEEONE, we believe in the power of originality and are committed to protecting and respecting the hard work of every creator.

Thank you for choosing GEEONE. Whether you are a seasoned EDC collector or new to the world of everyday carry toys, we are excited to offer you the best in products and services. Let's work together to promote the development of EDC culture and enjoy the fun of everyday carry.

GEEONE — Your EDC toy expert, making every day's carry more exciting.