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Material: Copper + stainless steel
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LautieEDC X-Bone Fidget Spinner, Naughty Bone, 2099 Series

About the X-BONE

  • Steampunk Style: The design inspiration for X-Bone comes from steampunk culture, drawing references from steam engine components, aiming to show the unique retro style of the Victorian era on a fidget spinner.
  • Curved Surface Design: Thanks to advanced CNC machining technology, X-Bone’s main body has a beautifully curved structure. This gives it a smooth arc surface similar to cast parts, making it resemble a connecting device of steam machinery.
  • Multi-Axes Rotation: Unlike the common fidget spinners that can only rotate along a single axis, X-Bone indicatively incorporates three independent rotation axes, including one main axis and two sub-axes, providing you with a distinctive hand feel.
  • DIY Expandability: X-Bone is born for DIY. We offer a wide range of interchangeable DIY accessories for you, allowing you to assemble your own unique fidget toys.



Φ35.4 x 25.8mm


Copper + stainless steel: 94g
Copper + stainless steel (Fixed shaft): 94g
Stainless steel + zirconium: 82g