Warrior Monk Metal Dice

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Material: Stainless Steel/Copper
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Lautie, Warrior Monk Metal Dice, pendant

About the Warrior Monk Metal Dice

  • Metal Dice: Upholding Lautie’s high standards for product quality, this Warrior Monk dice is made of metal material, giving a plain old dice a nice texture.
  • Precision Machining: Using CNC machine tools for processing, the dice has rich details and is paired with hand-inlaid craftsmanship, achieving a variety of material mix and match, making this dice rich in detail.
  • Classic Skull Logo: Inheriting the iconic skull logo of the 2099 series, this dice stands out from the crowd.
  • Functional Conversion: If you think it’s just a dice, you’re underestimating it! This dice has a built-in pin that can be pulled out to transform it into a pendant. You can make it into a hanging ornament, necklace, dagger pendant, and more…

Warrior Monk Metal Dice


18.7 x 18.7mm


Stainless Steel/Copper: 42.2g