Warp Drive

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Material: Blasted Stainless Steel

T-MAX Warp Drive, Fidget Spinner

About the Warp Drive

  • Warp Drive is designed by T-Max,The appearance of it is like the industrial-style,looks very shocked.Inspiration comes from the FTL (faster-than-light) engine in Star Trek, it means breaking free or being stuck in a rut.
  • Ingenious design, precise cooperation.Equipped with 12 bearings, ingeniously cooperated, all linked with one another.
  • Inspiration from the planetary epicyclic gear train.Approximating the planetary turnover to bring a brand-new linkage mode.

Warp Drive

  • T-MAX

Φ60 x 20mm


Blasted Stainless Steel: 192g
Blasted Titanium: 123g
Polished Zirconium: 162g

Tritium slot

1.5 x 6mm 6pcs