Warhammer Plus

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Material: Titanium + Copper
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B.M, Warhammer Plus, fidget spinner

About the Warhammer Plus

  • The Warhammer Plus is the Warhammer’s enlarged version,being designed by B.M.
  • The Warhammer Plus contains a total of three bearings,up and down,horizontal and vertical can be rotated.
  • Tritium tubes can be installed at both ends.Besides,you can match with the hammer handle to become a real warhammer so that can create your own warhammer.

Warhammer Plus

  • B&M

77.5 x 27.5 x 24.5mm


Polished Zirconium: 188.46g
Blasted Titanium: 133.72g
Titanium + Copper: 233.86g


688*1, 188*2