Viper mini

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Material: Aviation aluminum-black
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Mr.Wang, Viper mini, Fidget Spinner

About the Viper mini

  • The Viper mini has two-leaf structure,suitable for entry level players.
  • Equal scale reduction, good hand feeling.Reduced size for lightness and portability while retaining a great hand feeling.
  • There are many materials can be chosen and offers more possibilities for DIY.8mm beads can be placed at both ends.Can install 12-1.5*6mm tritium tubes,match the colors as you wish.

Viper mini

  • Mr. Wang

57.6 x 26.4mm


Aviation aluminum: 29.7g
Orange viper dragon engraving: 43.3g
Distress copper: 84.3g
Complex fiber: 47g
Zirconium: 62.6g