Uncle&Chica Knuckle Duster

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Material: PEEK-Chica
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WM EDC, Uncle & Chica Knuckle Duster, Multi Tool

About the Uncle&Chica Knuckle Duster

  • The Uncle & Chica Knuckle Duster is designed by WM EDC, inspired by the movie Leon the Professional.
  • It adopts asymmetric design, the back of the unique curved shape to bring good, silky, hand feeling. The two-knuckle duster are not exactly the same, including the back of the curvature.
  • Uncle's main body with a design of a beard fused and a bullet on the back, both embodying the killer. Chica's main body has a design of a love heart and the leaves of a wannabe on the back, embodying the girl's love and the fact that she herself is also the object of protection.

Uncle&Chica Knuckle Duster

  • WM EDC

Chica:56.7 x 45.8 x 14.9mm
Uncle: 62.2 x 49.5 x 14.8mm


Chica: 25.2g
Uncle: 29.5g