Triassic Slider

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Material: Zirconium+Titanium
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JUZHEDC, Triassic, Fidget Slider

About the Triassic Slider

  • The Triassic Slider is brand new multi-track mechanical slider which designed by JUZHEDC.
  • It has four-ball track to avoid direct friction of material and provide a smooth hand feeling while realizing the limit function.
  • Matching the ball piston of different pressures to change strength.The inner titanium reed brings sound and vibration feedback when pushing.
  • The two side can install 1.5 x 6mm 12pcs luminous tubes without the glue.(Do not use glass luminous tubes.)

Triassic Slider


52 x 28 x 14mm


Zirconium/Titanium: 97g