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Material: Zirconium
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WANWU, TRAPBOY, Fidget Slider

About the TRAPBOY

  • TRAPBOY is a mechanically constructed single-push slider that can be pushed 4 clicks one way. You can feel clear clicks by pushing slowly, and there is no feeling of loosing clicks by pushing fast.
  • The internal use the spring,comes with four 4 ×1 magnets,if you wanna increase the strength of the spring,can take the magnet attached to the bottom of the spring, by squeezing the spring space to increase the strength.
  • The knob on the side allows you to adjust the level of strength, and the hole at the end can be used to braide an paracord or as a pendant.



64 x 29mm


Stainless Steel: 84g
Zirconium: 70g