Time Capsule No.2 Bead

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Material: Stainless Steel/Zirconium
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01EDC, Time Capsule No.2, Bead

About the Time Capsule No.2 Bead

  • Time Capsule is a combination of mechanics and Sci-Fi. Color matching to bring distinct gradations.
  • Time Capsule has two versions and has multiple materials for you to choose from.
  • You can match with EDC toys, more matching ways for you to discover.

Time Capsule No.2 Bead

  • 01EDC

28.2 x 18.4mm


Cupronickel/Copper: 40.9g
Brass/Stainless Steel: 37.6g
Stainless Steel: 36.6g
Titanium: 22g
PEI: 7.9g
Zirconium: 30.9g