Time Badge

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Material: Stainless Steel(Panda color)
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01 EDC, Time badge, Haptic Coin

About the Time Badge

  • The Time Badge is designed by 01EDC,adopting minimalistic style and sci-fi design.
  • Dual playing methods.Ratchet mode and press button.Pick the time badge to feel fingertip massage.
  • It is not only the coin but also the spinner.Take out the springs and beads can unlock the spinner mode.

Time Badge

  • 01EDC

Φ42 x 13.3mm


Stainless Steel: 89.4g
Stainless Steel+Brass: 90.4g
PEI: 19.7g
Zirconium: 76g
Zirconium+Cupronickel: 79.7g
Copper+Cupronickel: 97.4g