Tianhu Slider

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Material: SS/TI+ Silver Plate
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MOT, Tianhu Mahjong Slider

About the Tianhu Slider

  • This Tianhu Mahjong Slider is a beautiful artwork.The front side of Tianhu uses 3D wax mold to make the plate,with lingzhi cloud pattern as the base.Take the lion dancing to hold the blessing for the figure,representing the congratulations on the fortune.
  • Combining lion dancing with mahjong,the two overlap makes the fortune.The back adopts an etched fortune cat pattern.Both sides adopt CNC Xiangyun pattern,full of blessings.
  • When push it,it will unfold,underneath there are four Chinese characters written in eight directions to get rich and fortune.

Tianhu Slider

  • MOT

45 x 30 x16mm


SS/TI+ Silver Plate: 116g
Zirconium+ Bass Plate: 127g