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Material: Titanium
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MACKIE, THOR, Balisong, Multi tool

About the THOR

  • The main body of this balisong adopts the design of longitudinal zigzag lines like lightning, and the blade of lightning splits through the hollow-carved, the overall presentation of a lightning-like strong and powerful lines of aesthetics, hence for the name “THOR”.
  • Most of the balisong shanks generally use the upper and lower split structure, in order to present the design of the lightning lines, we use the left and right split structure, and the left and right respectively use a different surface treatment process, so as to make a stronger visual impact.
  • The blade is designed with a practice blade positioning, and the unopened edge allows novice players practicing their skills to attempt difficult moves more safely and boldly! The practice blade can be carried to more places without fear of confiscation.
  • The bearings are all ceramic bearings, so you don't have to worry about bearing rust, and they can be washed directly in water, making it more comfortable to play with it.



92 x 24.5 x 13mm


Titanium: 65.6g

Tritium slot

3 x 11mm 3pcs