Smile Lanyard bead

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Type: Smile lanyard bead
Material: Polished Zirconium
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Smile Lanyard bead, Bad Guy, Pendants

About the Smile Lanyard bead

  • The Smile Lanyard bead has a smiling face on one side and a crying face on the other,looks very cool.
  • High-end material,exquisite workmanship.Super conductor material is considered to be one of the great discoveries of the 20th century in science.
  • There are many materials can be chosen,and bring you different visual and touching experience.

Smile Lanyard bead

  • Bad Guy

Φ19 x 14.4mm


Zirconium: 20.9g
Damascus Steel: 17.9g
Mokuti: 13.1g
Zircuti: 13.1g
Super conductor: 21.7g