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Material: Titanium-blue
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Alchemy studio, Sinan, fidget spinner, haptic coin

About the Sinan

  • The Sinan is designed by Alchemy studio,Art from the East.
  • Co-opted the structure of mechanical watches. three metal materials to forge a different kind of Oriental minimalist beauty.
  • Balance wheel and escapement rotate on a common axis in one revolution to escape gravity and thus enhance the playability of the spinner.
  • There are many playing-method,you have this one can achieve 4 playing-method,like fidget spinner,haptic coin.


  • Alchemy studio

54 x 15mm


Titanium-blue: 142g
Titanium-placer gold: 142g
Zirconium-black: 192g
Zirconium-black gold: 192g
Oil slick Zirconium: 192g

Bead slot

10mm 1pc