Shock Bomb 2.0

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Version: Version 2.0
Material: Blackened Stainless steel
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Shock Bomb 2.0, RUISHA AMMO co-designed, Fidget Slider, Fidget Spinner

About the Shock Bomb 2.0

  • Upgraded clip width for better toggling experience.
  • Two new magnetic sliders have been added to the side.
  • Increase the number of positioning slots to provide a stronger paragraph feel.
  • Upgrade the original stainless steel beads to POM beads for a smoother experience.

Shock Bomb 2.0

  • AMMO

Φ30.5mm x 105mm


Blackened Stainless steel: 208g
Titanium: 136g
Acid-washed Mokuti: 125g
Polished Mokuti: 128g


R188 2pcs