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Material: Stainless Steel + Copper
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ROGUE & SEKI, RUM, Fidget Spinner, Clicker, Fidget pushing

About the RUM

  • RUM is a collaboration between ROGUE and SEKI.When it comes to rum, we wil associate it with the Pirates of the Caribbean, and the pirate spirit means to be adventurous and enterprising, unrestrained and subversive.So RUM was designed.
  • The RUM adopts laser engraved with a gradient "RUM" text on the front with a coconut tree that contrasts between the engraved elements, and the brand logo on the back.
  • Structure:The RUM adopts first true mechanical structure of lever snap joint.The good clear clicks is paired with a weight that's heavy enough,making a wonderful feel with every press and ejection.
  • Multiple playingmethods:Unlike traditional fidget spinners, the Rum fidget spinner’s main playingmethod is press ejection.It has three clear clicks.The bottle cap of the Rum can be rotated and removed, making it compatible with most spinners. It can use as a base for the gyroscope.It also can use as desktop decoration.


  • SEKI

26 x 78mm


Stainless Steel: 293g
Zirconium: 253g