POP 2.0

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Material: Stainless Steel
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01 EDC, POP2.0, Fidget Slider

About the POP 2.0

  • Brand new design. The POP2.0 is designed by 01EDC.Closing adopts mechanical structure. Opening adopts magnetic structure.
  • Three-layer structure design. Layers, hand feeling, clicks and pleasure all in one.
  • DIY space. It comes with the rope. Different materials can be disassembled and matched with each other. It can install 1.5 x 6mm luminous tube.

POP 2.0

  • 01EDC

44 x 28 x 13.7mm


Stainless Steel: 91.8g
Titanium: 54.3g
Zirconium: 77.8g

Tritium slot

1.5 x 6mm