Poker Shuffle 3.0

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Material: Zirconium(AAA)
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About the Poker Shuffle 3.0

  • New Upgrade: After two iterations of Shuffle, the new Shuffle v3 has been boldly innovated based on the previous generation! We have made a breakthrough by using a three-layer card structure, which gives Shuffle v3 stronger tactile feedback and allows you to experience unparalleled feedback every time you push it.
  • Unique Details: Shuffle v3 has richer and more delicate details than its predecessor. The front of the card not only features the signature skull Joker pattern of the 2099 series but also has the Joker’s iconic red nose protruding, making the Joker looks more three-dimensional and funny!
  • Three-Layer Card Structure: The innovative three-layer card design allows you to experience more paragraph breaks when playing with Shuffle v3 than its predecessor. The increased number and size of cards also give Shuffle v3 a more comfortable grip.
  • Free Combination: The unique unlocked split design allows you to adjust the number of cards according to your preferences. You can remove the middle card to make it a 2-layer card structure like its predecessor, or you can disassemble multiple Shuffle v3 and combine them into a giant Shuffle! (Unlimited number of cards!)
  • DIY Feature: Shuffle v3 uses a lock-free design and has no fixed screws. It is held together by several sets of powerful magnets, meaning you can disassemble and assemble it without any tools. The holes in the corners of the Shuffle v3 can be threaded with a string, and you can use it as a pendant and hang it on your favorite items.

Poker Shuffle 3.0


31 x 40 x 13.2mm


Zirconium: 85.9g