Poker Lolita

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Material: Stainless Steel + Cupronickel
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‘Poker Lolita’ Slider, design for YEDC

About the Poker Lolita

  • ‘Poker Lolita’ Slider is a collaboration between YEDC and So young. Based on ensuring the good hand feeling of Pig Nose Slider, adds innovative relief design to enhance the overall aesthetics.
  • Adopting CNC Precise Engraving to embody the beautiful ‘Lolita’ image.
  • The patch has a unique rebound function. Be pasted with Teflon tape to Reduce friction and bring a smooth hand feeling.
  • Various play-methods. Install the beads to bring you a jelly-like hand feeling. Remove the beads can achieve 360-degree rotation.

Poker Lolita

  • YEDC

56mm × 28mm × 1.4mm


Stainless Steel + Cupronickel: 115g
TItanium black + TItanium gold: 64g
Zirconium color: 92g