Poker Shuffle 2.0

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Material: Stainless Steel/Copper (KK)
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LautieEDC Shuffle, Fidget Slider, 2099 Series

About the Poker Shuffle 2.0

  • Based on the design concept of gathering poker culture and EDC fidget toy to be one. Shuffle is not just maintained a thin appearance like poker; it also highly simulates poker’s play methods. You will see the two different sides of the Shuffle when you slide them away from each other.
  • A flat sliding orbit and strong magnets give you a comfortable sliding feel. The simple structure makes it sturdy and more smooth.
  • Unique poker card design. There are several materials filled in the Shuffle. It brings Shuffle pretty colors, which makes it more special.
  • The design concept is to make EDC fidget toys funnier and more pluralistic, releasing your anxiety and bringing you fun.
  • 2-row magnets slide rails, the damping sense is good to go, multiple sliding segments of design, enhanced fix screw to make it sturdy and persistent tight.

Poker Shuffle 2.0


40mm x 30mm x 8.5mm


Stainless Steel/Copper (KK): 69.6g
Zirconium (KK): 54g
Copper/Brass (KK): 76.4g
Stainless Steel/Copper (AA): 68.5g
Zirconium (AA): 54g
Copper/Brass (AA): 74.5g