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Version: Pod 2023 Version
Material: Orange Aluminum (23 Version)
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01EDC Pod, Fidget Slider, 2023 Version

About the Pod

  • The collision and contrast between the cuteness and the mecha style breathe new life into the design of the POD.
  • POD although not as much as the 01 slider paragraph but it is equipped with reverse magnets on both sides.
  • This results in a reaction force when pushing, making the pushing and rolling more engaging.
  • The POD is securely constructed without the need for screws, ensuring that it remains intact while in use.Our innovative combination of the limit post and magnet makes it less likely to disintegrate during play.



  • 01EDC

33mm x 16mm x 12.7mm


Aluminum: 14.4g
Stainless Steel: 37.3g
PEI: 8g
Zirconium: 31.8g