Fidget Spread (Pillbugs)

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Material: Polished Zirconium
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GoBigger, Pillbugs, Fidget Spread

About the Fidget Spread (Pillbugs)

  • Shape uses mecha style,with a heavy rounded shell design.
  • Start open-shell mode.All these shells are related.When one starts,can drive others.It has internal and external linkage structure.The outer spin,driving the inner rotate slowly.
  • The Pillbug has many grooves for installing tritium gas tubes.When added,it will form a beautiful warp.
  • The main body of the internal has hiding mechanism which you can place steel beads in it to make a sound like ‘da da’.

Fidget Spread (Pillbugs)

  • GoBiggeR

26 x 45mm(closed)


Zirconium: 185g


R188 + 6703