Pig Ring

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Material: Damasteel
Size: Size #14
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YEDC, Pig Ring, Ratchet Ring, Fidget Slider

About the Pig Ring

  • Description:Pig Ring is a mechanical ratchet ring turning in one direction. It has precise structure, compared with other mechanical rings,it has an extremely thin thickness,so that it is a truly wearable accessory.
  • Interior structure cannot be cannibalized so that can reduce daily maintenance.
  • The strong ratchet feedback feeling and the squeak sound that can be heard, let you enjoy the fun by yourself.
  • Pig Ring has three sizes for you to choose.

Size #16: Inner Diameter 17.7mm, Finger Circumference 55.6mm.

Size #20: Inner Diameter 19mm, Finger Circumference 59.7mm.

Size #24: Inner Diameter 20.4mm, Finger Circumference 64.1mm.


Pig Ring

  • YEDC

Size #16: Inner Diameter 17.3mm, Finger Circumference 54.3mm.

Size #20: Inner Diameter 18.7mm, Finger Circumference 58.7mm.

Size #24: Inner Diameter 20mm, Finger Circumference 63.1mm.


Mokuti #size16: 6.3g