Pig Coin

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Type: Pig Coin
Material: Pig coin 2.0 Stainless Steel
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YEDC, Pig Coin, Ratchet-Haptic Coin

About the Pig Coin

  • Pig Coin is designed for YEDC. It continues the classic trend of pig snout shape.
  • The two-sided ratchet Pig Coin was launched for players who don’t like haptic coins.
  • The first misaligned structure to avoid bloated main body.
  • The two-sided ratchet Pig Coin adds a Teflon ring this time to achieve a ‘Zero Friction’. PEI material-Pig Coin sounds clearer and more melodious when you pluck at it. The polished surface is as crystal-clear as amber.

Pig Coin

  • YEDC

Φ36.7mm x 12mm


Stainless Steel + Brass: 77.5g
Zirconium + Titanium: 69.8g
PEI: 13.3g