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Material: Blackened Stainless steel
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ACEdc, PICO PICK, Fidget Slider

About the PICO PICK

  • The PICO PICK Slider blends musical elements with EDC decompression. It is divided into two parts: the main body and the pick, and the main body adopts the BuckyBall structure to produce sound and vibration.
  • Compared to the crisp highs of a traditional magnetic structure, the BuckyBall structure has a lower decibel and less high-patched sound, more like the sound of a gentleman with a pure British accent. It can also be a metronome when necessary.
  • The pick adopts magnetic structure to attach on the mainbody and it’s easy to replace or take it apart.
  • Default setting:5-6 N35 buckyballs, you can change the number of buckyballs to adjust the strength. (Tip: Try not to have less than 3 balls, otherwise the adsorption strength of the pick may not be enough.)


  • ACEdc

Φ36 x 10mm


Blackened Stainless steel: 83g