Nut Coin

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Material: Distress Copper
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B&M, Nut Coin, Haptic coin

About the Nut Coin

  • The Nut Coin is designed by the B&M, having extremely industrial style nut shape. Cutting and grinding at multiple angles to highlight the angular sense of the product.
  • Using magnetic design.A set of needle bearings or roller bearings are built in. It is convenient to enhance the smoothness of the hand feeling when playing.
  • The design of the middle hole is convenient for players to DIY and increase the playability of the toy.
  • Many materials can choose from to meet different hand feeling and more convenient for players to mix-and-match.

Nut Coin

  • B&M

42.6 x 12.5mm


Stainless Steel: 98g
Zirconium: 59.7g
Titanium: 59.7g
Copper: 108.8g