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Type: NoizC-Nano
Material: SS (Integrated Side Lock)
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LautieEDC NoizC-Nano Fidget Spinner

About the NoizC-Nano

  • This toy inherits the appearance features of the classic Noiz fidget spinner but also is added a new structural design that is the unique structure of the upper and lower split. This structure allows for the installation of DIY components such as steel or luminous beads without glue in the hollow areas, making your toy unique.
  • The overall size has been readjusted and reduced, making it more suitable for daily carrying and playing than the original version. It is equipped with an R188 bearing, providing a more stable, reliable, and durable rotating experience.
  • Various materials are available to choose from, and each provides a different appearance and tactile experience. There is always one that is suitable for you.



NoizC-Nano: Φ35mm x 23.5mm


SS NoizC-Nano: 95g
SS Stonewashed NoizC-Nano: 95g
Brass NoizC-Nano: 100g
Ti-Blue NoizC-Nano: 55g
Blasted PEI NoizC-Nano: 18.5g
Polished PEI NoizC-Nano: 18.5g
SS/Brass Connection rod: 56g
SS/Copper Connection rod: 56g
SS Extension rod: 12g