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Material: Stainless Steel
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LautieEDC Classic Noiz-C Fidget Spinner, Noiz Series

About the Noiz

  • Appearance: The first generation of NOIZ is our product family’s first sphere shape fidget spinner; it is far more different from the traditional flat fidget spinner. Because of the unique shape design, the Noiz looks like a mechanic ball from a science fiction movie.
  • Unique playing methods: You can wear the Noiz on your finger for spinning after taking off its side locks. It means you got two playing techniques from the Noiz.
  • Fantastic sound: The Noiz could make a unique buzzing sound while in high-speed spinning. That’s why it’s called NOIZ! Let’s make some awesome NOIZ!
  • Materials: The Noiz has two versions, which are the stainless steel version and the titanium version. The weight of the Titanium version is about 3 oz, which could give you a lightweight hand feeling; Stainless Steel is about 5 oz, which could make you feel ‘heavy’ on your fingers.
  • Groove design: helps you to focus your power to spin it.



Φ40mm x 26mm


Stainless Steel: 141.8g
Titanium: 85g
Titanium Blue: 85g