Mystery Key Slider

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Material: Blasted Stainless Steel

01EDC, Mystery Key, Fidget Slider, ZERO ONE EDC

About the Mystery Key Slider

  • Small toy,Exquisite design.Mystery Key is the collision of minimalism and Sci-Fi,adopting large chamfer design,sharp edges and corners without scratching your hands.
  • Enjoy to push.No worry about collision.The sliding rail is equipped with replaceable bumper blocks,which can prevent long-term play impact deformation.
  • Having the paracord hole, you can tie paracord and pendants to create your own Mystery Key.It has 6 grooves for installing tritium gas tubes(2*12mm) to form a beautiful glowing effect.
  • Various playing-method,waiting for you to unlock.Holding the paracord can be opened and closed by centrifugal force, unlocking a brand-new way to play and experience a different hand feeling.

Mystery Key Slider

  • 01EDC

68 x 30 x 13.5mm


Blasted Stainless Steel: 159.5g
Blasted Titanium: 102.8g

Tritium slot

2 x 12mm 6pcs