Music Waves Slider

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Material: Blackened Titanium
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MuYi, Music Waves Slider, Pendant

About the Music Waves Slider

  • Music Waves is a collaboration between MuYi and AMMO.The appearance of it filles Cyber Punk,adopting Mecha style design.
  • Mecha Core.The inner structure has fixing screws which is CD pattern PVD black custom screw,dual track design to prevent the main body from slipping off when using.
  • The base magnets are fixed without glue.Changing magnet models provides a different hand feeling.Adopting TC21Ti PVD,better resistance to scratches and wear.
  • Dual Experience.A clearer sense of click and a crisper sound when the shell hits the base.It also can use as the pendant.

Music Waves Slider

  • MUYI
  • AMMO

70 x 32 x 10.5mm


Titanium: 62g