Music Waves NANO

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Material: Polished Zirconium
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MuYi&AMMO, Music Waves NANO Slider, Pendant

About the Music Waves NANO

  • Music Waves NANO is a collaboration between MuYi and AMMO.The appearance of it filles Metal Punk,adopting Mecha style design.
  • Clear click.Push the slider,making a very pleasant crisp sound.The feedback from the impact allows you to release bad emotions.
  • Cool Necklace.Beautiful Pendant.Can be worn not only as a pendant,but also as a backpack decoration.

Music Waves NANO

  • MUYI
  • AMMO

60 x 20 x 11mm


Polished PEI: 16g
Blasted Stainless Steel: 66g
Polished Zirconium: 56g
Distress Brass: 71g
Blackened Ti + Mokuti: 40g