MTAP Prybar-Bounty Hunter

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Material: Titanium + Carbon martensite steel plate
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Leung Knives, MTAP prybar-Bounty Hunter, bottle-opener

About the MTAP Prybar-Bounty Hunter

  • The MTAP Prybar-Bounty Hunter is designed by Leung Knives.
  • Adopting military grade TC21 heat treatment titanium mainbody,fatcarbon ceramic carbon plate and zirconium back splint.
  • The back can accommodatethree 25mm size screwdriver bits.Hidden inside the bottleopener,practicaland does not ruin the over all aesthetic.
  • It can also achieve the haptic coin playing method.

MTAP Prybar-Bounty Hunter

  • Leung Knives

34.5 x 100.3 x 17.8mm