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Material: Stainless Steel+Copper (Ships on October 15)
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Oh Yeah Manufacture, Mortal-Expulsion, Fidget Spinner

About the Mortal-Expulsion

  • The Mortal-Expulsion is designed by Oh Yeah Manufacture.The Expulsion consists of 17 parts,full of mecha style plates.
  • The spinner buttons shape on the front is the core of this space battleship, and the plates on the three main body are shaped as three electromagnetic cannons.When you spin the whole spinner,The shells in the center sandwich will rotate 60 degrees clockwise to achieve open-shell double mode.
  • The reverse side of the plates molds the three “control pods” of this “space battleship”as well as the “shield generator”, and when you spin it on its reverse side, it can only achieve one open-shell mode.
  • The connection accessory can let the Mortal-Expulsion and Cyborg Soul work together.After connecting these together,it can push the Cyborg Soul,at the same time,the “wand” spinner is realized.This accessory can also work on other products from Proxy EDC in the future.


  • Oh Yeah Manufacture

Diameter: 57mm


Stainless Steel: 135g
Zirconium: 115g

Tritium slot

1.5 x 6mm 15pcs