Mini Space Capsule

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Material: SS + Copper
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CHIMAGO, Mini Space Capsule, Fidget Slider

About the Mini Space Capsule

  • Start the Mecha Universe.The shape of it likes the space capsule,hence for the name.There are many materials for you to choose from.
  • The plates are replaceable to offer more DIY options.It is two clicks and has clear feedback.
  • There are two rows of six strong magnets inside.Using a fixed track ensures more stable when push it.
  • When the plate is closed,ensure that the upper and lower magnets do not touch.Let the slider has no scratch when you push it for a long time.

Mini Space Capsule


39 x 20 mm


Titanium: 38.3g
Mokume: 48.8g
Mokuti: 38g
Copper: 49g