MINI Donut

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Material: Pearlescent Stainless Steel+POM (Ships on August 17)
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OS EDC, MINI Donut, Haptic Coin

About the MINI Donut

  • The MINI Donut is designed by OS EDC. When you see it,you will feel sweet. There are colorful donuts for you to choose from.
  • Adopting 5-axis carving to achieve high precision and increase the friction of the hand, if you need more jellybean can be self-stick.
  • In addition to using the traditional outer packaging, Donut has thoughtfully prepared a customized wooden storage box, which is made of pine.
  • Different materials work with the No.1 liner can bring varying degrees of “ding”sound. Looking forward to more shells and liners.

MINI Donut

  • OS EDC

Outer diameter: 42mm
Inner diameter: 17mm
Height: 15mm


Stainless Steel: 78g
Titanium: 48g
Zirconium: 62g