Mankerlight TimeBack III

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Material: Zirconium + White Titanium
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Manker, Mankerlight TimeBack III, Multi tool

About the Mankerlight TimeBack III

  • The Mankerlight TimeBack III is not only a flashlight,it’s also a fidget spinner,haptic coin,Rotor and decompression button.It’s a super cool flashlight.This flashlight has three modes of different levels of brightness.You can adjust it to your needs.
  • Ergonomic design.Having suitable size and comfortable grisp.Adopting screws riveting processing so that it’s stable and not easy to fall off.
  • It has other functions,Self-Defense Strobe,SOS and Beacon.There are six materials for you to choose from.You deserve it!

Mankerlight TimeBack III

  • Manker

29.2 x 90.2 x 27.8mm


Zirconium + White Titanium: 158g
Zirconium + Gold Titanium: 158g
Zirconium + Red Titanium: 158g
Mokuti+ Gold Titanium: 135g
Mokume + Gold Titanium: 180g
Zircuti+Blackened Titanium: 137g