Glass Luminous Tube

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Type: 1.5mm x 6mm
Color: Red
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About the Glass Luminous Tube

Glass Luminous tube is the best choice to replace tritium vial.Decorate your EDC gears and make your gears glow in the dark.





  • This product is non-toxic and harmless, no radiation.
  • Glass Luminous Tube uses rare earth luminous materials, The shell is made of high-quality glass, strong light transmission, durable, if don’t damaged can be repeatedly recharged and used.
  • UV flashlight/cell phone flashlight/lamp/sunlight, etc (UV light is best). When the light disappears, it needs to be re-illuminated.
  • Glowing after being recharged for few seconds to 3 minute, bright time last more than 2-8h (There are differences according to color and shine time)
  • Brightness Ranking: Ice blue=Green>Orange>Sky blue>White>Red>Purple
  • Continuity Ranking: Ice blue>Green=Sky blue>White>Purple>Orange>Red