Lava Turbine S

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Material: Luminous orange
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T-MAX, Lava Turbine S, Fidget Spinner

About the Lava Turbine S

  • The Lava Turbine S is designed by T-MAX,this is a linkage fidget spinner,full of the style of metal punk.
  • The sides are angular and the edges are all chamfered.When spin it,no worry about scratching your hands and it’s comfortable.
  • Adopting large sunken spinner buttons design to improve the stability of the spinner when spinning.
  • The Lava Turbine S can install 1.5 x 6 tritium tubes in the outer ring and can install 6mm beads in the inner rotor.

Lava Turbine S

  • T-MAX

Φ52 x 15mm


Copper: 166g
Stainless Steel: 146g
Titanium: 85g
Zirconium: 125g


688 2pcs