KASFLY Single Knuckle Duster

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Type: Larger Version
Material: Stainless Steel(Larger-Thin)
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KASFLY, KASFLY Single Knuckle Duster, Bottle opener, Self-defense tool

About the KASFLY Single Knuckle Duster

  • KASFLY Single Knuckle Duster is designed by KASFLY.There are many materials and appearance to choose from.
  • Rounded design.Designed curved structure on the top and bottom sides of the hole.Fits well in the grip and also easier to use.
  • It’s the single knuckle as self-defense tool,can be used as bottle opener,emergency hammer and so on.It looks small but has a big effect.

KASFLY Single Knuckle Duster


Larger-Thin: 51 x 37 x 10mm
Larger: 51 x 37 x 16mm
Regular: 46 x 33 x 13mm
Bottle Opener: 95 x 46 x 7mm


PC: 12g
SS Larger: 120.8g
SS Larger-Thin: 71.6g
Zr Larger: 97g
SS mini pendant: 16.4g
Mikata: 13g
Stonewashed Bronze: 87g
Stonewashed Ti: 43g
Titanium: 43g
Bottle Opener: 63.2g