Huang Cai

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Material: Titanium+Brass+Copper (Ships on August 5)
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YOLO STUDIO, Huang Cai, Fidget Slider

About the Huang Cai

  • The Huang Cai is designed by YOLO STUDIO.The Huang Cai belongs to the Happy All the Time Series,featured as wearable attributes and DIY attributes. We hope you can own it and wear it often, so that it can become an accessory and a toy in your life.
  • This time, the pattern from the front of the Yellow God of Wealth and the back of the vajra mortar and pestle. With this product, we will incorporate more Tibetan elements into YOLO STUDIO's products, so that everyone can experience the charm of this culture.
  • The product uses Titanium,the surface inlays brass and copper,when you play with it many times will be more wonderful.It comes withe the chain.

Huang Cai


40 x 20 x 13mm