Holy beast

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Material: Cupronickel Chi-Dragon coin
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Triangulation, Holy beast, Haptic coin

About the Holy beast

  • This product uses the dragon and bull patterns,they are one of the holy beast in traditional Chinese culture and has a strong symbolic meaning.They are designed by Triangulation.
  • In Chinese culture, the dragon has an important status and influence and is considered a symbol of power, dignity, luck and success.The bull is a symbol of strength in our ancient culture and has a cultural connotation of resilience, hard work and endurance.
  • Based on ensuring the good hand feeling, adds innovative relief design to enhance the overall aesthetics. Adopting CNC Precise Engraving to embody the holy ‘dragon’and ’bull’ image.

Holy beast

  • Triangulation

Φ39 x 13mm


Chi-Dragon coin: 76g
Dragon coin: 78g
Bull coin: 80g