Gamer-Tak knuckle duster

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Material: GAMER-TAK Titanium
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Leung Knives, MTAK Series, Gamer-Tak knuckle duster, Slider, press-tu

About the Gamer-Tak knuckle duster

  • Gamer-Tak knuckle duster is a collaboration between MTAK and BTMCL.
  • Gamer-Tak knuckle duster uses integrated circuit board on one side and gamer elements on the other,full of creativity.
  • It is not only a single duster,but also can realize the pressing,turning and pushing rodes,unlike other knuckle duster.

Gamer-Tak knuckle duster

  • Leung Knives

56.6 x 42.3 x 19mm


Titanium: 92g