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Material: Distress Stainless Steel
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JZS EDC, ENGINE S, Fidget Spinner

About the ENGINE S

  • The ENGINE S is inspired by the engine elements of the J20 and the BOEING 787 Dreamliner.The front side of ENGINE S adopts the structure of the turbine and rotor of an airplane engine, rotating with the mood of an airplane engine;the back of ENGINE S adopts the structure of engine fan paddles, and the 12 paddles rotate to perfectly restore the operation of an airplane engine.
  • In order to reflect the roar of the airplane engine, the ENGINE S adopts the original double R188 linkage structure, there are two kinds of bead grooves inside horizontally and vertically, which can be placed 4-8pcs of 6mm steel beads, or you can DIY your own steel beads with small beads to experience a different tuning fork effect.
  • In order to better reflect the J20 aircraft elements, the ENGINE S's outer ring can install six 1.5 x 6 tritium tubes,filled with tritium tubes and luminous beads after the ENGINE S in the rotation is full of aircraft engine elements,you can also DIY tritium tubes and luminous beads with your own.



Φ50 x 18mm


Stainless Steel: 156g


R188 2pcs