Devil's Milk Cap

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Material: Zircuti
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LautieEDC Devil’s Milk Cap, Fidget Slider, 2099 Series

About the Devil's Milk Cap

  • Milk bottle cap shape: Inspired by the standard milk bottle lid in life. Even the Devil likes to drink milk.
  • Cute skull: Inherited the usual design style of the 2099 series, not only cool but also very cute.
  • Magnetic fidget slider toy: Unlike traditional fingertip gyroscope toys, this devil’s milk cap has a different way of playing and makes a comforting Ta Ta sound when sliding.
  • Lightweight shape: light weight is easy to carry around. You will need such a little thing to kill the boredom when you feel bored.
  • Reliable structural design: Thanks to the excellent production process, the structure of the Devil’s milk cap is so reliable that it can withstand long hours of sliding without easily loosening.

Devil's Milk Cap

  • ACEdc

Φ34mm x 8.7mm


Stainless Steel/Copper: 45.7g
Polished Zirconium: 39.6g