Cyber Core

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Material: Zirconium+Oil Slick Zirconium plate (Ships on September 25)
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About the Cyber Core

  • Cyber Core is designed by SEKI. This time the SEKI adopts full zirconium design,they are blackened zirconium main body,Oil Slick Zirconium plate and Oil Slick Zirconium ratchet wheel respectively.
  • Rebound tuning fork design.The Cyber Core in zirconium has rebound tuning fork function.When it rebound,you can hear the ‘ding ding ding~bang~’ sound.So interesting!Let’s get it. It also uses special tire pattern on ratchet wheel ,the exterior looks more like a motorcycle!
  • New limit lock. because many new players do not control the rebound strength, so zirconium Cyber core began to rebound to increase the 45 degree limit, greatly reducing the chances of deformation of the flat spring.

Cyber Core

  • SEKI

68 x 17 x 17mm


Zirconium: 130g