CHEESE Knuckle Duster

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Material: Stainless Steel/Brass
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CHEESE Knuckle duster, self-defense tool, developed by ACEDC.

About the CHEESE Knuckle Duster

  • CHEESE Knuckle duster is from ‘DINO’ Series. DINO is an abbreviation of the English word ‘dinosaur’, representing‘a big dream lives in a little body’.
  • This is a collaboration knuckle duster between ACEDC and OB.
  • The appearance of it likes the cheese, looks very cute.
  • It’s the single knuckle as self-defense tool.It looks small but has a big effect.

CHEESE Knuckle Duster

  • ACEdc

44 x 35 x 16mm


Brass: 93g
Stainless Steel:82g