Centurion Slider

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Material: Stainless Steel + Copper
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WanWu, Centurion Slider

About the Centurion Slider

  • Modeling design.The Centurion Shield Slider is designed by WanWu.The design of the modeling continues the medieval style of the crusaders and the sound barrier.
  • Like the other models in the shield series,the Centurion also adopts an asymmetrical design on the front and back,and even the thickness is also different,so that there will be a different feeling in the process of playing.
  • The front part of the shield incorporates the function of the button, the designer has cleverly combined the mechanical locking and magnetic structure.
  • The button is attached to it by magnets, and the process of playing with it tries to avoid dropping it and the button to fall off.

Centurion Slider


48 x 24 x 9.9mm


Stainless Steel: 65g
Zirconium: 54g