Carnival-Nano Spinner

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Material: CuNi+Br+Zirc
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LautieEDC Carnival-Nano Spinner, 2099 Series

About the Carnival-Nano Spinner

  • Semi-enclosed structure: As an iteration of the original Carnival Spinner, the Carnival Nano adopts a brand new semi-enclosed structure design that differs from the original. This unique structure allows the beads to roll smoothly against the inner wall and prevents the beads from easily splashing and falling off.
  • A funny magnetic roulette: The Carnival Nano features a magnetic structure similar to the Mechanic Ring series. You can adjust the spinning feedback of the roulette by increasing or decreasing the number of magnets inside. When in the 0 magnet mode, it spins smoothly and for a long time like the original Carnival Spinner; As the number of magnets increases, the spinning time of the roulette gradually shortens, accompanied by increasingly distinct ratchet drum sound effects, making each spin full of fun.
  • Compact and Portable: Designed for portability, the Carnival Nano has a more compact, rounded, and delicate appearance, making it easy for you to carry it in your pocket. Additionally, you can purchase a detachable side lock cover for the Carnival Nano. This side lock cover has a bead storage function, allowing you to place the beads inside to ensure they won’t be accidentally lost.

Carnival-Nano Spinner


Φ48 x 18.2mm


Stainless Steel: 114g
CuNi: 127.3g